Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea

There's a Devil,
A shadow of my weak will
like a glint of a knife
She has no anatomy,
no signs of blood,
flesh or bones..
but cries ,causes pain,
a vicious helix,
To a suffering
and incapacitious brain
dopes my faculties
has divided loyalties..

There's the Devil
Of free form
Of incandescent effulgence,
and a true
shadow of my weak will.

I get past The Red DEVIL,
I see no light,
'midst darkness and doubt,
I look down
to discover the Deep Blue Sea.
A sea of emotions,
A sea of madness,
Spreading her arms
or Yawning..
she drowns my senses.
She looks so keen
and so incarnate.
that it seems
There's no bolt-hole,
No different path,
to elude-
the final Check-mate !!

Caught in a double-binding,
between the Devil
and The Deep Blue Sea.
A bargain made with the devil
is a date with the Sea.
They are-
a betrayed lover's dices,
a slaved warrior's choices.
choose between Me, we or She,
choose between The Devil
and The Deep Blue Sea.

Summary :-
The poem summarizes the conflicting thoughts a person caught in a conundrum ,between equally unpleasant choices ,which is personified by the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, probably a pessimistic person's coz an optimistic person always sees light at the end of it and looks forward to a bright dawn.A pessimist loses hope and succumbs to mounting pressures.Foot-loose and fancy free persons find such situations rare but then its adversity that breeds the genius.