Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Comfort Zone...

Its a little strange,
Its strange contrition,
strange the way
things have taken this ugly shape
left me helpless..
to stare ,to gape
at the ironic consequences,
of my actions in the past,
momentary ardours,influences
that jus' din' last...

'twas a contagious mange,
'dat had caught me down,
sterile imaginations,
stupid lures,
that have left me stranded
a dudhead,
lot stressed
n dismally frustrated..

and its strange..
strange curative remorses..
strange the way
I have landed onto
the so called Comfort Zone
left my passions at bay,
strew my ambitions away,
and went damn astray..

the feel ..
of compuction,
of gay betrayal,
broken protocols,
esoteric confrontations,
lost panache ,prosaic efforts
callous grins..
squalor decisions.
guile games of life
tirin' strife
insane thoughts

How do I now pick up the brio 'gain?
Kick my past and
Break this chain
How do I now those dark blotches clean?
How do I now get back my free rein?

Now this Fuckin Gremlin's gotta leave,
A Holy ablution,
....few moments of queit contemplation,
and feet back on rugged logs
I should work,
to get out of
the sedative maws of my Comfort Zone...
Work to kill my fear,
Work to rise ...
like a Phoenix again,
like a Phoenix again...

- life is something u gotta live roarin',playful and adventurous.
Workin widout objectives leaves u languid..and out into an easy-comfort zone..
So,fuck fear ..get out of your Comfort Zone and jus' play your shots..