Monday, June 1, 2009

Passions Unkempt ....

When I say I love You , I do
When I say I am getting mad, I am
Close Your eyes, take a deep breath
and for all the world , feel the touch
that crawls on in your mind
that haunts you in your sleep
that warns to rob you of your heart...
I can see the chaos ,
the passion unkempt,
in your eyes, they twinkle like stars
I can listen to the waves
that beat against your firm mind,
They call you to embrace them
and flow in their amorous cadence,
rise as they swell
and calm when they abate.
I can feel the tremor in your steps
they cry aloud that its true,
and I reverbate the beats of your bosom
they hardly veil any clue.
Logic can never fathom love
nor can they decipher
the music that buzz our ears,
Let your soul feel the zephyr
Let the moment break the cipher
'Cause, this is the moment
the tong of a bell
This is the flame at peak
This is the moment of truth
And if you feel than think
this is true,
Why don't you tell me..
You love me too ?