Saturday, September 29, 2007

Call Of Duty

Some hundred days and here you go,
Crawling out of comforts
One thing you vow,
When the call is strong
emotions heavy,
jus move along..
get out of the throng.

You had some rare old time,
friends, and faith sublime,
and for those fukin bad raps
you did gather some malice ...
Life's not smooth sailing..
Someday, you did realise.

And the stakes are high,
All in your favor ,aye,
Pick up the gauntlet,
Aim at the bull's eye..
A hundred mortals foolin' around,
A hundred caustic eyes pryin',
Flaring sparks flying.
In for a penny, in for a pound,
Kick the fire ,"Gawd,its dying !".

Inherit the wind,
Out on a limb,
To a place you've never been
To heights scarcely seen,
So gear up for the fight,
Shoot ! lest the goal's out of sight,
Life's beckonin' you ,
Life lived by few,
fight for its beleaguered beauty,
Live up to the call,
Its the Call of Duty.