Sunday, December 6, 2009

BumpTop - Another entrepreneurial Story & OTA Syndrome

Hi friends,
Well, here is something that will surely help all those task gluttons and crammed up souls and of course the very indolent ones !!!

This is an amazing tool that will virtually transform your desktop's 2D environment to an astonishing 3D workplace. Pile up all your important or recent tasks, canonical notes- stuff 'em up all so clean .. and many other enhancements in the offing.

Well, the creator of this is Anand Agarawala, another so called techpreneur, dollars banked on his head and hands somewhere else !! Well, jokes apart, this is a Master Thesis at the University of Toronto. Sometimes, I really wish Indian universities provided the best of technologies and scope for such techpreneurs to create wealth and newer avenues.

Read more about him. Dig, mine (Ok.. that would do !)and post your reviews and comments.
Download and test the free version !

For a free PRO license, here is an idea that might work. At least, I have tried my hands.
If you haven't registered on bnet or you have forgotten if ever had, try doing that. post a reply, a solicit for a license. You might get one. Atleast, I shall post a comment if I get one :)

Debasing as it is, I fear I suffer from the OTA Syndrome. Any guesses. Obsolete Technological Awareness Syndrome. To some dollar pounding hearts, this syndrome doesn't make a difference, but I think one can hear the jingles when one rides on the horse.
I am not sure but this post is like flogging an old horse. Atleast, new for me !

Again, if you have visited for the first time, name the sydrome and watch this talk on IncredibleIndia by Shashi Tharoor.
Shasi Tharoor on India's Soft Power

Finally, Mind your demeanor, stay lean and stay awake. Meanwhile, post your thoughts regarding anything, poke-pin-inflate-speculate-discuss-share !!