Monday, June 16, 2008

War of Silence

A thousand attempts failed
and many battles fought,
many lives lost -
millions thoughts crushed,
they call it war - of honour, pride...blah
where one must win
to survive- say not to die;
and what inevitably loses face
and gets weaker is mankind
and hence you ,me and they..
Armstice talks, 'diplomatic' efforts
colour the facade while
ammo race and nuclear craze
dump into every backyard squallor
bound by factitious legacies
the smokescreens are blinding
and promises and hopes untrue
and till we open our hearts out
The war of silence
will ensue ..
will haunt
every matryr to come...
and every child born..

peacekeeping forces come and piss
speakers scream burn the mikes
and deep within every nation
every soul makes a wish
-why to cry and plead to God
and still nod- its all His work
though unifying are such
spiritual waves-
ah ! what a paradox;
the sinews of war
and malign industry stocks
will mount on to capacity
and troops on the borders
stand alone, face the chill winds
of queit hostility and truce traps,
of the war of minds called religious prejudice
of burns, of scars inscripted on them
so crafted they turn fanatics
such miseries
exigencies of 'wars'
will continue to rot human race
darken all our lives
and till we open our hearts out
The war of silence
will ensue ..
will haunt
every matryr to come...
and every child born..

Friday, June 13, 2008

Losing Myself

I talk to figures, to none
while I wander all alone
unclear intox-waves in my head
speak to a fragment
of my soul unknown.
The roads are clear-
on my way ahead
cluttered, with crowded matter
that run for better
while I'm still in quest
for beauties off it.

I draft stupid messages
to be reading all by myself
and hold the phone
close by my ears
waiting you to call;
the fragment the intox-waves
all till they fall
drive me to crazy lands
with sharp edges and vacant pleasures.

While the city screams and engine chugs
provide cover, I talk to you, read you stories
wishing you're by my side
to laugh at my jokes,
to deign to make love
till I fall asleep...
that part of my soul
clearly beyond my will
has tamed me tight
and I am losing myself.

I do things otherwise I wouldn't
I gettin weak a way I shouldn't
debauched into crazy trash
with nothing to gain
a fascimile of you -
stuck in my brain
predisposes it to unknown cancers
and replicating pain
smothering me and stretching me
to such lengths
I'm losing myself
I'm losing myself.