Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea

There's a Devil,
A shadow of my weak will
like a glint of a knife
She has no anatomy,
no signs of blood,
flesh or bones..
but cries ,causes pain,
a vicious helix,
To a suffering
and incapacitious brain
dopes my faculties
has divided loyalties..

There's the Devil
Of free form
Of incandescent effulgence,
and a true
shadow of my weak will.

I get past The Red DEVIL,
I see no light,
'midst darkness and doubt,
I look down
to discover the Deep Blue Sea.
A sea of emotions,
A sea of madness,
Spreading her arms
or Yawning..
she drowns my senses.
She looks so keen
and so incarnate.
that it seems
There's no bolt-hole,
No different path,
to elude-
the final Check-mate !!

Caught in a double-binding,
between the Devil
and The Deep Blue Sea.
A bargain made with the devil
is a date with the Sea.
They are-
a betrayed lover's dices,
a slaved warrior's choices.
choose between Me, we or She,
choose between The Devil
and The Deep Blue Sea.

Summary :-
The poem summarizes the conflicting thoughts a person caught in a conundrum ,between equally unpleasant choices ,which is personified by the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, probably a pessimistic person's coz an optimistic person always sees light at the end of it and looks forward to a bright dawn.A pessimist loses hope and succumbs to mounting pressures.Foot-loose and fancy free persons find such situations rare but then its adversity that breeds the genius.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Call Of Duty

Some hundred days and here you go,
Crawling out of comforts
One thing you vow,
When the call is strong
emotions heavy,
jus move along..
get out of the throng.

You had some rare old time,
friends, and faith sublime,
and for those fukin bad raps
you did gather some malice ...
Life's not smooth sailing..
Someday, you did realise.

And the stakes are high,
All in your favor ,aye,
Pick up the gauntlet,
Aim at the bull's eye..
A hundred mortals foolin' around,
A hundred caustic eyes pryin',
Flaring sparks flying.
In for a penny, in for a pound,
Kick the fire ,"Gawd,its dying !".

Inherit the wind,
Out on a limb,
To a place you've never been
To heights scarcely seen,
So gear up for the fight,
Shoot ! lest the goal's out of sight,
Life's beckonin' you ,
Life lived by few,
fight for its beleaguered beauty,
Live up to the call,
Its the Call of Duty.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


love the thorns
that cause you pain ,

love the stones

they teach you rough..

love the woman
who kicked your butt ,

love the man
who called you slut..

love the crowd
that revile and jeer at you..
they teach you the warmth

when others cheer for you .

love the things

you hate to do ,
they help you realise
the passion in you...

love the bricks
you climb upon ,
love the rap
you learn from..

love your foes
it melts them down...
love your friends

I guess you do...

love leaves you humble ,
love helps you rumble
secrets you never knew..
the joys and frills-
you consciously strew.

love moulds your vision ,
love gives you a reason
to love thy psyche

to live your life......

"What keeps us alive,
what allows us to endure?
I think it is the hope of loving,
or being loved
. "- Meister Eckhart

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Comfort Zone...

Its a little strange,
Its strange contrition,
strange the way
things have taken this ugly shape
left me helpless..
to stare ,to gape
at the ironic consequences,
of my actions in the past,
momentary ardours,influences
that jus' din' last...

'twas a contagious mange,
'dat had caught me down,
sterile imaginations,
stupid lures,
that have left me stranded
a dudhead,
lot stressed
n dismally frustrated..

and its strange..
strange curative remorses..
strange the way
I have landed onto
the so called Comfort Zone
left my passions at bay,
strew my ambitions away,
and went damn astray..

the feel ..
of compuction,
of gay betrayal,
broken protocols,
esoteric confrontations,
lost panache ,prosaic efforts
callous grins..
squalor decisions.
guile games of life
tirin' strife
insane thoughts

How do I now pick up the brio 'gain?
Kick my past and
Break this chain
How do I now those dark blotches clean?
How do I now get back my free rein?

Now this Fuckin Gremlin's gotta leave,
A Holy ablution,
....few moments of queit contemplation,
and feet back on rugged logs
I should work,
to get out of
the sedative maws of my Comfort Zone...
Work to kill my fear,
Work to rise ...
like a Phoenix again,
like a Phoenix again...

- life is something u gotta live roarin',playful and adventurous.
Workin widout objectives leaves u languid..and out into an easy-comfort zone..
So,fuck fear ..get out of your Comfort Zone and jus' play your shots..

Sunday, May 20, 2007

look through the opacity Ahead of you,
this life of yours is divinely orchestrated,
you jus need to push it through,
So look around-think-plan-work and
jus stop shittin your head
follow your passions..
shun those fake runs
and then Work is all Play...
everythin rv'ed up more meaningful
and Heyy
then you realise..
Life's Just so beautiful..


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why Is It So ??

why is it dat I'm feelin' so numb,
'bout d cords dat hold my fate,
that tune my life..a life so dumb,
set music to it..or
rather tear it apart..

why is it like I'm lost in the crowd..
Of circumstancially crafted faces
those that still being in shape
hardly leave any traces..
And Of monotonous old options,
that thru every psyche runs..

why do I feel so frequently paranoid..
n why have remorses become a routine happenstance,
why should my liberty,my freedom
be constrained by social,ideological
or money-oriented straightjackets ?

N why do i find
Every new choice alluring n
Every spark idea beauteous
Am i innovative in my take,
Or rather deceptive for some sake.
Like dragging myself into deeper puzzles,
Of bijou pieces
of protean,sanguine yet invidous thoughts..

now every vent to any desire
seems ..
Like a fat in the fire
that could lead me into a mayhem
n turn me
gallivant and hedonistic..
set me onto Fortune sails..
n turn my grins
to seraphic smiles..

Yet I believe,
amidst such skeptic moves,
efforts bereft of poignant goals,
my works would never go waste..
So if its punches or kisses chaste
I provoke no mutiny..
n jus pursue my florid ambitions..
leavin the rest to destiny.


I have stumbled upon a many things in these recent years ..and everything
interesting lures..leavin me doubtful @ the end of the day..
I find myself struggling in a crowd of play-safe-rather-adventurous people..
its so confusing @ times that I at times hours in quite contemplation..
watever I'm at least this sure dat my efforts wont go waste..
So i continue to work my way out is destiny..

this is just a sincere expression of abstract thoughts n emotions urge from the inside..nat any artificial effort