Sunday, July 13, 2008

Need You by my side..

amongst such anger, and passions deep,
among riots, warheads and the Truth beneath,
awake happy, sad or in deep sleep,
in danger of being shelled
right through my sheathe,

I need you by my side,
I need you to share, to talk
laugh and live
by my side, by my side...

when the sun's 'bout to rise
to light upon billion lives,
I need you, to shine by my side;
and when clouds start to pour
I'd love seeing you dance
and the rain adore.

I need you by my side
on isolated moonlit nights,
on bright Sunday mornings,
electric Sat-eves and spooky horror times,
times of joy, times of sorrow,
regret and pride and everytime
so I could have every feeling
and watch you feel
by my side, by my side.

to watch the spiralling rise
of every mote of life around us
to live to the promises of those
who bequethed, life and breath in us,
to confide and let confess
to compromise, appraise and despise
to absolve and get absolved
to preach to someone things I think
to stare at and barter cute winks
to cuddle and care
and the wildest thoughts share
to have someone,to entrust everything to
on some buying spree, or to help free

I need a hand, to hold mine
I need a stand to support mine
I need a soul to still mine
I need you
to be mine
and walk hand in hand
for times eternal,
till the very last breath
till death and beyond
by my side, by my side.....

but one thing I wished I knew
things you need, things you like
wish we have something alike!!