Sunday, November 16, 2008

Both of us -
downed by fatigue and tire
one has to wake up, rise higher... egh !!!

Playing - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams -Green Day

Sunday, November 9, 2008

CAT fever and silly opiums !!

(click for a better veiw)

Hi friends ,

CAT is a true test of one's character rather than just solving problems and bubbling circles .Any one who has ever attempted to bell the cat must have realised this over and over again.

The idiotic and apparently philosophical poem you see above is a stupid vent after many inconsequential hours spent in shallow contemplation of what lies ahead for me !! Infact, the first stanza took form on the back-side of an OMR sheet! This is what happens with me being bogged down, sabotaged and marauded my the ruthless paws of the feline CAT. One week to go, irresistible and invidious spurts of anxiety and apprehensions so well avoided till now, seem to peep in through the inchoate crevices of my 'Fort Knox' and goad my tempestuous self with a look of disdain. A hazy image of glory is still palpable and tempting enough to keep slogging !!

All the best for CAT '08 - Tame the goddamn animal !