Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reflections ...

I have long been out of posting. Sometimes, I do wonder what could be the reason. I have heard of and myself experienced this writer's block. Never much believed in it though. I think that people who write sincerely are as honest as expressive to their writing. As they say, it is easy to read an author's thoughts from his/her books or writings, the typical tone they lend to their protagonists, the style of writing, the dialogies of the various characters, plots, etc. But again, the same would be with other artists like a musician, a filmmaker, an artist, even a sportsperson! Yes, if you closely observe almost any person, you can often see the symptoms speaking out from their actions in their day to day life like the way they operate a computer, the way they wash their car, personal habits, in their communication with other people, their attitude towards a failed plan, their reaction to a daily life dissapointment like the wash guy failing to get the ironed clothes in time in the morning, etc. Let alone their creations or productions. They obviously are something that the person is very good at. So they do speak volumes about the person.

But when I think sportsperson, I tend to think of certain strategy sports requiring individual skill more than team skill like chess, bridge, poker, billiards, golf. Because in a team game, the spirit is very different. You wear a team character and a spirit and attitude typical of the team. Since I have personally observed chess games and know the kind of people they are in their daily lives, I presume with certain degree of possibility that almost all the chess players exude similar behaviour off-game like the people I did observe did. The mathematical induction may not be accurate but can we refute this by proof of negation.

Seriously, did you ever find a chess player who possesses characteristics unlikely of a chess player like say impatience or compulsive behaviour? This is not a rhetoric question rather an open ended one that I pose so that I gain a broader perspective. I have never watched golf, so I am not sure if Tiger Woods did play for the holes with an amount of risk he took in his personal quest for them !! I would like some comments on that so as to know if my inclusion of golf in the list & the very presumption is justified.

Well, coming back to my not posting anything off late, I think though seldom but things hardly did urge me to write anything. Many things to write about certainly but they just could not push me hard to get to this text box! And now when I have taken this long a break and come back to my own posts, I can find and sense a lot of naivety in certain lines, certain metaphors and similes I find silly and many times a better writer I can be, I realise. Did help me. Yes. These minute observations I was not able to do then. May be, most of my readers could sense that, but unfortunately I do not have a sizeable and dedicated reader base for genuine comments and suggestions to come through. I always welcome criticism, constructive or destructive; so I would again like anyone who comes across any post of this blog to spare a kind moment and send back a suggestion or two.

When I look back to my older posts, those that relate to a particular infatuation of sort- all the love poems; I realise now that though this lady was far from true love or any such hallucinating relationship levels. But may be she was a figure symbolic of this mystic lady that I would fall for. A stretch of my imagination and a real figure for that stretch ! I do not for sure know. May be that.

Well, a piece of my mind to share. So, back to writing, typing faster, I have expectations to put forth some expressions, some thoughts from frequently here. I have always tried writing songs than poems so I could lend them a music and they find some better and exciting ways of expression than just words in html or on a page! I am still somewhat confused with the punctuation marks :) I am sure I will improve. So that's the challenge. Let's see.

Thanks a ton to all my readers and followers, most of them old school and college friends, relatives, people at work, friends of friends, etc. I hope you follow my blog, on the button atleast so you get a New-post alert and save me some effort :)

Wish you the best of the new work year ahead and all the happiness.
Good luck.

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Vagabond said...

good to have you back.