Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trails left behind ..

You have tried enough
To be like the one you just heard of
The one blessed you thought
written a fortune signed by God
Luminaries of stage and screen
Dressed in their best camouflage
Bloated up, with sapphire sarcasm
content at the cheer and clap
And this day has come
We realise our destinies
The flower head on our fat pots

Let's get back to the old rocks
Like a storm blown over
Dance to the wee hours -
mock at the clocks
Let's roll and rock till time ends
listen to the humble ruck
to their misdeeds, their moments of truth

The cabal of aides that locked my mind
Let me share a smile,
give a hand to the kind
Let's listen to the water drops
The cries and silly laughs
We never cared about

Let's feel the soil of -
endless cultures confered upon
The fragile hands of their supports
Let's spare a mock
And afford a peek into the
Scads of endless dust on our
thinly burnt lust

Let's spare the infinite minutes we spent
burnish our camoufalged skins
rather gage at the contours
Things we have had, things we could have
Strewn lie my slim pickings
Let me spare a glance at them
Their irrelevance or lost importance
Let me drown it to the ages

Let us shed the premonitions
Shed the fucked up lies
Let us merry, let us party tonight
For all that was worth the fight
Let's joke the day off
Amidst earthly skins and humour chins
Let me jump out of my cube
I wanna dance and drown
I wanna party my failures
That I left behind ..


manas.nayak said...

your words are just music to my ears.

Rebel Says.. said...

Thank you sir for going through the post and the feedback.

Rebel Says.. said...
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Cruiser Amit said...

after going thru this...
"Why didn't I read it earlier?"
So many things lost, out of context now which were of importance prime...
Nice lines to resurrect many such feelings and comparing them to the zombie lives of our present :)
Kudos dude...

anusia said...

Very nice poem.I liked the style of the poet. Every line is beautiful.